I Don't Know

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Portrait of Elise

March 2012 Photograph

Elise gets carried away to another world just describing how she feels when playing the piano. I hoped to capture that feeling in this portrait.

You Don't Know

March 2012 Report card and screenshot with annotations

A reaction to being told that I am still unable to demonstrate that I have analysed a concept.

TechnicalDifficulties001.mov - SOMA1604 Video Assignment

April 2012 720 x 540px video

A shoot for my video assignment went horribly wrong when the camera overheated in the hot Australian sun. This lead to a hasty reshoot with another camera and and an accidental feedback loop during editing. This video is available on Facebook only.

TechnicalDifficulties002.mov - So Carelessly

April 2012 Stop motion video

A conversation went horribly wrong when my brain overheated due to a lack of empathy. This lead to a night of shooting a moody stopmotion animation with two desk lamps instead of going to bed. This video is available on Facebook only.

Tonight, I Don't Know

July 2012 Composite vector image and photograph

The culmination of a sudden realisation late one night that I don't even know what I'm thinking most of the time (except I know I have to update my website because of it).

TechnicalDifficulties003.mov - Starter (Boys Noize)

August 2012 720p HD video

Shot, edited, uploaded and removed due to copyright violations in one day. Two and a half heavily edited minutes of me dancing like an idiot.


August 2012 Photomanipulation

A combination of myself and a classmate to create a completely new person. For all you know, this could be what I actually look like, how would you find out otherwise?

Give In

October 2012 Photograph

A combination of sleep depravation and frustration lead to a work made out of mannequins from a store that values creating a wonderful retail experience over the loyalty and sanity of its employees.

At The Edge

October 2012 Photomanipulation

A representation of the last surviving place on the planet. There is no where to send mail to anymore, the post box sits here to comfort the last people into a false sense of normality.


October 2012 Facebook clone developed in Perl, HTML and CSS

The task was to create a fully working social network for UNSW in perl, but for some reason UNSW is full of A-list celebrities. Create an account and connect with famous actor Thomas Hanks!
Currently Broken: In need of a relocation to a better Perl capable server. There are no users due to disk space restrictions.


November 2012 Stereo audio track to modified version of End (1994) by Artavazd Peleshian

A collection of different people all knowingly ride a train to their End and yet they are too apathetic to do anything about it. They are aware of someone watching them and they only care that this Observer stops judging them.

Animation for Vimcore

November 2012 Flash animation converted to 720p HD video

Vimcore.com commissioned an animation to explain their corporate health and wellbeing platform to new and potential clients. The platform is to be launched in 2013.


TechnicalDifficulties004.mov - 60D/Lonely

February 2013 720p HD video

Going for a test drive in one of the most densely populated places in the world, but there is no one to share it with. Produced in one day and edited entirely at Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York.


March 2013 Processing Sketch

This sketch was required to have a random element and had to be controlled by the mouse. It builds on a drawing of the Zoog from a previous exercise.

The Man With The Golden Pun

April 2013 720p Video, HTML/CSS/JS

New College Revue 2011, a show performed by most of the residents of New College UNSW. This is the 'DVD' that is meant to be distributed after the performance is recorded.