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The Chronicles of an Angry Physicist

Date Unknown - Electromagnetism

Volume of parallellellillelileppipiped Volume of parallellellillelileppipiped

21 October - Thermal Physics

I <3 DE's I <3 Differential Equations (with fully featured free body diagram and bonus how to boil noodles in a beaker)!

7 October - Thermal Physics

A New Angle on Entropy! A New Angle on Entropy!

7 October - Thermal Physics

I'M BORED, no wait she just drew a mountain. Yep, she drew a mountain. With no teaching purpose.

5 August - Thermal Physics

Did you know this thing we did in year 7? Our lecturer tried to explain how amazing it was that fractions that look different can be the same thing.

28 July - Electromagnetism

My stomach is sore :-( Special guest The Hungry Physicist.

Date Unknown - Thermal Physics Exam

This is stupid and doesn't make sense One mark for getting stupid answer.

19 August - Thermal Physics

DERP DERP DERP DERP DERP DERP How can you do a tutorial without tutorial questions?

26 August - Thermal Physics

That was a useless lecture so instead: here is coplex analysis lecture And now to something more interesting...

2 September - Thermal Physics

Some shit some shit some shit some shit Why pay attention when you can do it later?

Date Unknown - Electromagnetism


30 July - Astrophysics

What the fuck is this shit? Booooring... We definately covered the course adequately

30 August - Electromagnetism

WHAT THE FUCK NO It is cleeeer that something has gone horribly wrong.

Date Unknown - Biophysics

Some other shit I don't give a fuck about right now And not one single shit was given

Date Unknown - Differential Equations

IN OTHER NEWS [REMOVED] IS A CUNT Need to find how to prove this mathematically.